• Ondersteuning voor groepen: Groupy (platform voor delen van documenten, forum, agenda)
  •  Ondersteuning GDPR-cockpit: advies voor ontwikkeling van handige tool en support bij implementatie
  •  Elearning pakket: GDPR in de praktijk
  •  Advies voor non-profitorganisaties (deels IT gerelateerd, in verdere uitbouw)
  •  Uitwisselplatform vacatures
  •  Webshop voor nonprofitorganisaties: vzwshop.be (België) (nonprofitorganisaties kunnen er als lid producten plaatsen).
Welcome to Non-Profit Net

Our mission is to support non-profit organisations to build

  • Strong leadership with well-defined staff, an engaged board of directors, and competent financial leadership.
  • A relevant organizational mission and vision for success.
  • Flexibility and ability to act quickly and effectively in response to the multiple changes in today’s environment.
  • A clear understanding of the critical need for both programmatic and financial accountability and sustainability.
  • Quality, mission-driven programming with clear outcomes that show prospective donors and the community that their dollars will be spent as intended to meet specific community needs.
  • A solid track record of providing a quality return on investment
  • A strong communicty by using easy going tools


You can contact us

Non Profit Net (part of EduBIT vzw)
– Gontrode Heirweg 118, 9090 MELLE, Belgium



The Non Profit Network is founded in Belgium

General Board members are active as board member in a lot of organisations in:

  • management
  • innovation & concepts
  • development
  • management development
  • Communcation


You can use our services (f.e. groupy / GDPR-cockpit) but you have to be member

Membership: 25 € / year basic – 150 € / year (silver) – 500 € (Partner)

  • a newsletter with cases and solutions on several levels.
  • You can also ask your question to our helpdesk.
  • personal services and support (tailor-made)

Membership can be ordered by using our shop page in Belgium


Organizational Development

  • Organizational Analysis and Evaluation
  • Capacity Building
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Resource Development Analysis, Evaluation and Planning
  • Program Evaluation and Outcome Measurement
  • Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building


 Technical Support

  • Financial Consulting Services
  • Legal Services
  • Branding/Marketing
  • Resource Development, Project Management and Oversight
  • Special Event Project Management and Oversight
  • Funding Research
  • Grantwriting
  • Peer Review



  • Leadership Facilitation
  • Teambuilding
  • Financial Leadership
  • Board Development
  • Resource Development
  • Quick Books



Tools for ever


  • Groupy: platform for communities
  • GDPR-cockpit: information & privacy tool
  • Membership environment